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ABK Security Services Ltd was founded by people who have, conjointly, many years experience at managerial or directorship level; with a wealth of operational experience within the Security Industry. We are all dedicated professionals who have proven experience both ‘in the field’ and in the management of Security Services. All operational staff are fully trained and hold SIA Licences.

Our experience allows us to assist our clients in the development of a comprehensive Loss Prevention Strategy, assessing levels of threat and maximising spend-to-efficiency ratios.


The management team is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our service delivery and Quality Management Systems, in line with our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and Approved Contractor Status, with the SIA; we are continually developing our processes and procedures to improve all aspects of the business, including service delivery. Our ability to do our job efficiently and professionally is reflected in the quality of service we provide to all our clients.


With the present trends in economy it is increasingly important for companies to reduce their costs where ever possible in order to remain as competitive as possible.

At ABK Security Services Ltd we aim to work with companies, helping them reduce the cost of security cover. By employing economies of scale, we can keep our cost of service provision at a lower level, compared to other security companies, in order to attract a larger share of the market; thus making reasonable profits while still providing our clients with a Professional Quality Service.


Companies often tend to become inflexible when they grow and expect others to work around them. Here at ABK Security Services we aim to maintain a fully flexible approach so that we can provide our clients with what they actually require and expect from a Security Service provider. It is of great importance to us that we provide a service, which is correctly tailored to the clients' requirements and is not just a 'best fit'.

Service Level Agreements

Total customer satisfaction is the one of the focal points of our business. Before the commencement of a contract, we aim to provide Service Level Agreements and Assignment Instructions to our clients, so that at any time throughout the contract, they can check our performance against them.

Our own performance analysis team continually measure the standards and Service Level Agreements that we provide to our clients, so that we can take any necessary corrective steps to maintain the excellent quality of service we have commited to deliver.

Customer Liaison

As ABK Security Services Ltd is operated by people who care, we provide a 24-hour point of contact. Our job is to liaise with clients on a regular basis, giving that personal level of service we have promised. We ensure that operations run smoothly and any issues that arise are quickly dealt with. Our success in retaining our clients is achieved by creating and maintaining close contact with them, thus forming strong working relationships.

Company Policies

The four main policies of the company are:

  • To provide a Professional Service by continuously evaluating current standards and procedures and modifying them as required.
  • To provide an Economical Service by finding new ways to cut our operational costs and pass on the savings to our valued customers in the form of the most competitive rates.
  • To provide Flexible Services by modifying our operations according to the changing demands of our customers and training our staff accordingly.
  • To provide a Reliable Service by retaining our high quality management and employees, by offering them competitive salaries and good benefits as well as a career development plan within the company.

Environment and Social Responsibility Policy

The Directors of ABK Security Services Ltd recognise the need to improve the positive and reduce the negative impact that our business has on the environment, community and society as a whole.

We are aware of the amount of paper, cardboard and other waste materials our business generates. We therefore take an active interest in what happens to that material once its primary use has been fulfilled and what its ultimate effect is on the environment.

We have therefore decided to enhance our ongoing waste reduction objectives and implement the following procedures and practices that:

  • To not knowingly damage our environment or society
  • To not restrict lawful access or enjoyment of the environment or society by others
  • To promote sustainable improvements (where we have an influence) in the environment and enhance the society within which we work

We will support this policy by implementing the following procedures:

  • All waste paper, junk mail, documentation, etc, must be returned to the office for recycling in the most appropriate way that does not compromise our clients, employees, company or the environment
  • All printer cartridges, toners, etc, to be returned to the supplier in the envelopes provided for recycling
  • Print on environmentally sustainable paper stocks
  • Support and encourage the use of recycling banks for bottles, cans and other waste materials brought into the place of work
  • Seek professional advice where needed to adopt further practices that result in less waste pollution or damage
  • Support local initiatives that create a better society for everyone to enjoy

This policy is promoted throughout our company and will be reflected in all business decisions wherever possible.

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